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Greenspace inspires, energizes and achieves groundbreaking partnerships and programs that bring vibrant green communities to life.


Greenspace, NCR, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering green real estate and economic development in the national capital region, developing and implementing green policies, and providing stewardship of our growing green communities. We work with private, non-profit and public partners to build the skills, knowledge and capacity of development professionals, policymakers and the public to create healthier, more sustainable communities for us all.

Our success will be measured in:

1. The number of buildings and development projects delivering high performance cost effectively,

2. The growth of green jobs filled by a well-trained local workforce,

3. The creation of a robust regional marketplace of sustainable products and service providers,

4. The adoption of local, state and federal policies promoting sustainable development and communities, and

5. The establishment of a strong regional network of partners that collaborate to deliver the programs, services and vision that supports a vibrant, sustainable region.


Greenspace turns pipe dreams into pipelines by providing the forum, infrastructure, and knowledge to bridge the gap between the environmental and economic changes the community must make and the ability to make them.

Greenspace's ongoing programs and timely initiatives embody a thoughtful process of engaging partners and participants across sectors.

Greenspace programs increase skills, knowledge and experience while maximizing the scale of impact.

  • Education
  • Research and Demonstration
  • Partnership and Assessment
  • Policy Engagement

In the next five years, Greenspace will focus on three core Initiatives:

*Green Places
All Building Types included new and existing Landscapes

*Green Economic Development:
Professional and Marketplace Development

*Green Communities
Neighborhoods, Infrastructure, Policy and Growing Market Demand

to produce tangible, significant regional impact in the vitality of our environment, economy and community

History and 2010 Transition

Greenspace is evolving from GreenHOME, whose mission was to make affordable housing and its neighborhoods green, into Greenspace, NCR, whose mission is to inspire, energize, and achieve groundbreaking programs, and through innovative partnerships, bring vibrant green communities to life. Our history, mission and work is about catalyzing a revolutionary change in building development practices and policies while spearheading and shaping an emerging green building economy.

As GreenHOME took on a leadership role in creating and passing the groundbreaking DC Green Building Act we came to understand that new policies were not enough to accomplish the scale of the impact we were seeking. As Greenspace we now need to leverage an exceptional network of regional public, private and non-profit partners to the region's green economy, catalyze green policies, and steward green communities.

Green communities are more than homes. Green affordable housing was a great start. To build green communities, we need all buildings and sites, new and existing, as well as businesses and professionals to benefit from the practices and performances of green development.

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Careers with Greenspace

Current Openings


Education and training are the foundation that Greenspace and its partners rely upon for growing the capacity of professionals to take on green jobs. To build green housing, schools and commercial buildings...

Research and Demonstration

Staff and Board

Learn more about the folks behind Greenspace.

Partnership and Assessment

Greenspace generates green solutions with its business, nonprofit and government partners through innovative collaborations and rapid project start-up. Every Greenspace service and program focuses on teamwork and action to solve...

Policy Engagement

In the last year we have advanced DC's green building and energy efficiency legislation through our testimony and organizing other's participation in the policy making process and its implementation. We...