Partnership and Assessment

Greenspace generates green solutions with its business, nonprofit and government partners through innovative collaborations and rapid project start-up. Every Greenspace service and program focuses on teamwork and action to solve community and policy challenges, demonstrating success through measurable changes in professional practices, economic resilience and improvements in environmental performance. We partner with first-rate organizations to:

Build core leadership practices among key green building resources and constituencies;
Undertake collaborative, results-oriented field projects that serve as hands-on, real-time learning labs;
Continually assess results, always honing what works, what doesn't, and maximize our long-term impact.

Partnership Growth and Engagement

Our partners have grown from twenty who attended our first Greenspace partnership meeting in September of 2008 to over seventy, currently. Together we have and will continue to impact the region by:
• Collaborating in the development and shared responsibility of training, initiatives, and assessment
• Creating a "landscape" of the green trainings in DC metro region to prioritize investments made through our organizations, businesses and government agencies
• Partnering to create high performance green buildings and communities and a 'learning community' that share lessons learned and evaluate progress
• Delivering high quality training and education for professionals, policymakers, and the public
• Creating career and skill development pathways for constituent groups: trades, design and dev professionals, energy, water, landscape and waste specialists and government staff
• Building a collaborative, jointly funded approach to articulating innovative and high-impact demonstration projects
• Engaging constituencies in developing green policy alternatives
• Sharing successes and challenges via a co-designed framework to evaluate progress on multiple levels: organizational, programmatic, and collaborative

Partnership key to region's sustainable future

Our region is facing challenges of unprecedented complexity. No single person, organization, agency or government can single-handedly develop the paths necessary to support the development of green jobs, buildings, livelihoods and communities. To respond to this challenge, we are working with key stakeholders in the community to produce the network of relationships, collaborations and resources that will serve as the foundation for further strategic initiatives and projects.