Research and Demonstration


Market Research for Development Professionals

We conducted an end user market survey of development professionals that illuminated a significant need for green-related education and training resources and confirmed that Greenspace programs and services are wanted and needed. With current resources we hired new staff and multiple consultants to support our programs and further our organizational development and strengthen our financial management.
Results demonstrated the following:

• More than 1/2 of those surveyed believe that their green building and education needs are not being met
• Over 40% of those surveyed believe they lack the knowledge to green their practices and facilities
• Those surveyed feel particularly uneducated about policy changes, standards and codes, for example:
o Only 50% believe they have even a basic understanding of DC Green Building Act
o 72% believe their needs for training and education on policies are not being met
o Only 10% feel completely prepared to implement policies
• Of those surveyed, ~60% believe their involvement in green will increase significantly (and another 30% increase somewhat)
• On top of that, if needs are met, ~77% of those surveyed would increase their involvement in green
• Building professionals are unprepared to implement requirements and policies
• Building professionals, particularly at smaller and mid-size firms, are in need of hands-on training
o Over 33% are extremely interested in hands-on training
o Over 40% expect to access training frequently
o They want practical, applicable training
• Energy efficiency, stormwater management and indoor air quality training are in high demand

The survey concludes that the tangible, hands-on training we are working with consultants and other partners to provide through Greenspace will develop the needed knowledge, skills and capacity for building and government professionals. This new strengthened industry will apply their skills and knowledge to lead both new and retrofit projects to create a high performance building sector throughout the District.

In total, Greenspace training will fill an unmet need for resources by equipping building professionals to apply green practices and utilize green products
- ~85% will increase involvement in green/high performance if their resource needs are met
- Trades people with existing skills will become better trained and more marketable
- Trades people without a background in green will be given new opportunities