How do I make sure that green design results in a green, high-performance building? How does green building play out in construction?


Care in construction is the key to making green design a reality, ensuring a healthy building, and minimizing environmental impact. Policies that encourage or require best practices can help the building team, and especially the contractors, make the transition to green. Reviews of construction documents and an emphasis on inclusion of contractors in the integrated design process are also important. Ask whether contractors have experience with the techniques and materials that the architects and engineers have chosen. Are plans in place to use materials efficiently, reduce waste, and manage the site? Who, besides government building inspectors, will oversee construction? Go to the Construct page.


Follow through on your commitment to green by checking work on the construction site and focusing on building performance for the finished project. Train government building inspectors to check for key measures such as proper venting and sealing. Verify performance with proven testing methods and ask developers to model changes for their effect on the whole building. A third-party commissioning agent can help evaluate the project from design through construction and into operations. Go to the Evaluate page.