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June 9, 2011

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Greenspace will be housed in 12,000 square feet of leased ground floor retail space at the Washington Nationals ballpark. Gensler, Turner Construction, GHT, 2rw and Catholic University's Center for Building Stewardship comprise the Greenspace development team. We have completed the design with the end goal of leaving a legacy of transformation and positive benefits for our environment, economy and community.

The design of our green learning and resource center leverages the teachable moments related to every feature, system and approach that contributes to the sustainability of Greenspace. Our audience, the region's 200,000 development professionals and the almost two million baseball fans, will come to Greenspace to be exposed to new ideas, products, approaches and solutions and utilizing our:

  • Meeting Spaces for trainings, charrettes, events and presentations,
  • Help Desk providing support for green project design, construction and evaluation
  • Educational Exhibits on green building, site and community development topics,
  • Workshops for hands-on learning and demonstrations.
  • Vendor Showcases featuring new green technologies, materials and systems,
  • Resource, Sample and Tool Lending Libraries providing access to reference materials, software and equipment to improve efficiency of materials and systems

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GreenHOME is now Greenspace

May 24, 2010

GreenHOME is now Greenspace, NCR. We have made this change because green communities are more than homes.

Green affordable housing was a great start. To grow green communities, the National Capital Region (NCR) needs all buildings and sites, new and existing, as well as businesses, professionals and the public to benefit from the practices and performances of green development. Our community demands Greenspace, NCR.

You can find us on the web at

Greenspace: Growing Green Communities Together

Read our case for Greenspace and discover how it will provide the forum, infrastructure and know-how to bridge the gap between the environmental and economic changes our community must make—and our ability to make them.