Greater Washington's green building learning center

As the learning center, meeting place, and one-stop-shop for green building professionals, policy makers, and the public, Greenspace will catalyze green development in our region. Greenspace's trainings, technical assistance, demonstrations, speakers, and resources will show developers, designers, engineers and contractors how to make green practices work for their projects and will help governments implement green development policies that reap rewards for the community, the economy, and the environment.

A partnership

GreenSPACE will unite and leverage the expertise and resources of building professionals, governments, environmental groups, trade associations, economic development organizations, and funders to lead the region to green development. We hope that you will join this collaborative effort of partners, add your ideas, and help make GreenSPACE the place where we come together to green our region.

A focus on affordability

GreenSPACE will focus on affordable green as the means to achieve sustainability for all. With an emphasis on the fundamentals of green design and development, GreenSPACE will help practitioners find cost-effective opportunities for green in each of their projects.

Step into GreenSPACE

Building professionals
  • Let our hands-on trainings, technical assistance, commissioning tools, and samples library take the guesswork out of your green projects.
  • Hear first hand accounts of green projects from your peers. Share your experiences and ask questions at GreenSPACE's forums and workshops.
  • Learn how to build green affordably with our focus on cost-effective techniques.
Policy makers
  • Hear how regional governments, federal agencies, and cities nationwide are adopting green development policies at GreenSPACE speaker series and workshops.
  • Hone your knowledge of green building techniques in our trainings and library, then tap GreenSPACE's technical assistance offerings as you put green into practice.
Business owners, homeowners, and renters
  • Learn what you can do to lower your utility bills and maintenance costs while reducing your climate changing emissions and cleaning up our rivers.
  • Take advantage of new markets for green businesses and green collar jobs.
  • Join the discussion on how to make our region a model of green development that builds communities, grows the economy, and cares for the environment.

Read the full
GreenSPACE business plan and email us with your input.

Click the image for a PDF of photos of existing green building centers.

Click the image for a table of summary information about existing green building centers. (PDF)