Integrated Design Process Training Series


Excellence in sustainable design requires new ways of thinking about the process of design and derives as much from the process as the program. The Integrated Design Process differs from traditional practice in several ways, but most significantly by involving the owner and the entire design team in discussions and decision making from the earliest stages of the project.

The Integrated Design Process is an approach that will:
1. Improve design and construction efficiency
2. Reduce project cost
3. Decrease time and money to integrate green projects

Session 1

This first session will focus on the integrated design process (IDP) and give the building professional community in the DC metro region a strong skill set to incorporate IDP into their projects. The workshops address fundamental components of implementation: interpersonal, team dynamics, and technical tools and metrics.

This workshop addresses all aspects of The Integrated Design Process dynamics from educating the design team, making the case to the client, framing the initial design problem to developing practical strategies and finally, implementing an effective work plan and project management. Topics include:

Defining what makes a project 'green'. Issues of sustainable design need to be part of a qualitative dialogue with the client.

Issues and challenges of green design.

Setting goals for the project and making design decisions.

Models and case studies for The Integrated Design Process.

Session 2

The breakout workshops are specialized for individual stakeholder groups (policymakers, developers/owners, architects, engineers and other design consultants, facility/property managers, and general contractors) and will build on the first workshop to move the participants into a deeper focus on their specific interests, constraints (contracts, fees, risks, interdependencies) and opportunities.

Session 3

The final training reassembles the original multi-disciplinary group and focuses on synthesis and synergies, setting new expectations on contractual responsibilities, deliverables, methodologies for decision-making and team interactions. The session will demo a "virtual classroom" where participants can share specific challenges related to real projects and get coaching in implementing IDP in real life. Stakeholders will be given requirements related to timing (project schedule) and content (project goals realized) and evaluation techniques to ensure projects are on the right track. These interactions will give them support in responding to their real-time, real world challenges and applying new tools and skills.

For this series to be successful, participants must commit to participate in all sessions.

Who Should Attend

The main stakeholder groups who are critically involved in IDP are policymakers (city level), developers/owners, architects, design consultants (engineers, landscape, civil, etc), facility/property managers, and general contractors.

Date, Time and Location


July 28, 2009 - July 30, 2009


Howrey LLP, 1299 Pennsylvania Ave. NW


Session 1 – Tuesday 8:30-5pm,
Session 2 – Wednesday 9-12pm or 1-4pm,
Session 3 – Thursday 9-1pm


$295 - Competitive discounts available for non-profits and government employees

Registration Deadline

July 25, 2009

Expert Trainer

Barbra Batshalom
Founder and CEO of the Green Roundtable, Inc., LEED AP
Barbra has sixteen years experience in architecture and consulting with cities, institutions and companies, transforming their internal practices to improve performance, profitability and sustainability.