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An online green building resource center.

Find the green building professionals, products, and tools to make your project a success. Come to this growing resource for all your green building needs:

Services (Coming soon)

Find stormwater pros, commissioning agents, Green Advantage certified contractors, energy modeling consultants, solar installers, and architects. All the expertise you need for your project.

Products (Coming soon)

Who stocks high-quality bamboo flooring? Where can you get the best selection of energy-efficient lighting fixtures? How about low-VOC paint? Find local retailers and distributors here.

Tools (Coming soon)

Listings for energy modeling software, green building checklists and model specifications, technical guides, and much more.

GreenHOME is building this resource to connect development professionals, governmental officials, and retailers and to grow the green building marketplace in D.C. and the region. We will be adding listings all the time, so check back to find out:

  • Which firms are out in front on green building.
  • How to visit a green building project.
  • Who to call at government agencies when you have a green building question. When a distributor brings a new green product to the area.